Dooky Picks

Dooky’s Favorite Horror Websites

The Horror Writer’s Association is the biggest horror award organization that Dooky has ever heard of. Dooky loves their doo-dooings and their boo-booings. Dooky and Dooky’s author recieved their prestigious Scholarship from Hell Award in 2016. We got tickets to Las Vegas’ good boo-booings and stayed at the Flamingo Hotel during the fun doo-doo of StokerCon!

Dooky Loves HorrorAddicts. It’s doo-dooings and boo-booings are awesome. Horror Hostess Emerian Rich, and Crystal Connor and David Watson are the friends of Dooky’s doo-doo. They have a book called Once Upon A Scream out and Dooky’s human boo-boo has a story in the Clockwork Wonderland and HorrorAddict’s Guide to Life and a podcast and contests are on their poop site.

Since 1979, Fangoria biggest boo-boo in horror. Dooky like fang in name. Dooky have fang. It good. Fangoria the first in fright and have podcast, movie review, television and books. Other online horror podcast and blog site copy it’s poops and it’s doobooing. Dooky want hims baby catzbatzlings to write for the boobooings of Fangoria when they grow a big poop.

Dooky’s Friends

All of these are Dooky Friends that are from the boo-booings of Dreamworlds.


Flynn the Keahi

Flynn the Keahi Dooky’s friend from Dreamworlds. Hims having a good time with Dooky and Sumiko but Dooky never got enough attentions so hims started hims own comix.

Nomi the Barr

Nomi the Barr another girlfriendoo-doo of Flynn the Keahi. Hims and hers shiftshapeded to a werepigs that’s called an akmani.

Sumiko the Saulson

Sumiko an author doo-doo and illustrating booboo-doop. I wanted her to illustrate me the more, but all she didz was talking about Flynn’s doobooings or herselfs.