Fresh Dooky

Dooky MiniComix are little tiny comic books that are sold for 25 Cents Each. Dooky is also among the characters in the 60 page comic book Dreamworlds. Although he is not the central character in Dreamworlds, that’s where his character originated.

Agrippa Book Trailer

Book trailer for the comic book Agrippa by Sumiko Saulson.

It is from her short story Agrippa, which one second place in the scifi-fantasy category for the 2016 Carry the Light Awards.

Happiness And Other Diseases Book Trailer

Happiness and Other Diseases is the first book in the Somnalia series. The characters Flynn Keahi, Charlotte Metaxas, Nomi and Nolan Barr who appear along with Dooky in the comic book Dreamworlds originated in the Somnalia series.