Dreamworlds: Beyond Somnalia

After a breakups and a series of bad starts, author Sumiko Saulson is trying to heal. So is Flynn Keahi, one of her fictional characters. Her life changes completely when Flynn abandons the paranormal romance she’s cast him in, and demands that they both go to group therapy to fix their dysfunctional relationships. Once the two become intimately involved, Sumiko raises concerns their relationship it isn’t healthy. Flynn grows increasingly touchy about her assertion that he isn’t real. This is complicated further when Sumiko is flooded with requests from other imaginary personalities demanding to join in the conversation.

The Complete Mauskaveli

Mauskaveli is a comic about the adventures of a group of polyamorous, queer, and kinky anthropomorphic mice, centering around the title character Mauskaveli, her partners Count Slackula, Petricio, and Skunkmaus, her child, a necromancer named Death Angel, and their pet cat Dooky. Mauskaveli is a comic book about a group of kinky, queer, politically active polyamorous anthropomorphic mice. Their leader, Mistress Mauskaveli, escaped a biotech lab along with her boyfriends, Petricio and Rogue. All three mice were experimented on – Mauskaveli developed superior intelligence, Rogue regenerative powers, and Petricio, charisma. After they escape their extended polycule grew to include Petricio’s boyfriend Joe Squeaks and Mauskaveli’s girlfriend Skunkmaus. They have a pet catzbatz named Dooky, spontaneously generated from poop. Other characters include Joe Squeak’s sister Lovey Squeaks, her girlfriend Pinky La Rue and daughter Pip Squeaks – Death Angel’s girlfriend Mauztisha, Mauskaveli’s uncle Aviator Maus – a cosplayer named Tumimaus – Skunkmaus’ identical twin Skankmaus – Pretty Whiskers, Clawdia, and more!

Carolyn Saulson: An Iconoclast

A zine honoring Carolyn Saulson, a Bay Area African American and Disability Rights community activist who was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a rare blood cancer affecting African Americans at a rate twice that of the general population, on August 10, 2009. The zine features artwork, writing, collaging and photography by Carolyn, her daughter, award-winning horror author Sumiko Saulson, her granddaughter, beat poet Franchesca Saulson, and fellow disabled artists Kat Fury, Serena Toxicat, and Beth Johnson. It has facts and highlights about the rare blood cancer, about her fight against it, her life, her art, and her work with the communities she serves. Funded by the Ara Jo Memorial Fund through the East Bay Zine Festival in 2018.