The Complete Mauskaveli

Mauskaveli is a comic about the adventures of a group of polyamorous, queer, and kinky anthropomorphic mice, centering around the title character Mauskaveli, her partners Count Slackula, Petricio, and Skunkmaus, her child, a necromancer named Death Angel, and their pet cat Dooky. Mauskaveli is a comic book about a group of kinky, queer, politically active polyamorous anthropomorphic mice. Their leader, Mistress Mauskaveli, escaped a biotech lab along with her boyfriends, Petricio and Rogue. All three mice were experimented on – Mauskaveli developed superior intelligence, Rogue regenerative powers, and Petricio, charisma. After they escape their extended polycule grew to include Petricio’s boyfriend Joe Squeaks and Mauskaveli’s girlfriend Skunkmaus. They have a pet catzbatz named Dooky, spontaneously generated from poop. Other characters include Joe Squeak’s sister Lovey Squeaks, her girlfriend Pinky La Rue and daughter Pip Squeaks – Death Angel’s girlfriend Mauztisha, Mauskaveli’s uncle Aviator Maus – a cosplayer named Tumimaus – Skunkmaus’ identical twin Skankmaus – Pretty Whiskers, Clawdia, and more!

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